Wellness & Support at Sterne

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This year Sterne launched a new employee program to support growth and leadership opportunities for faculty and staff.

The Strength & Leadership Project at Sterne offers employees an opportunity to pursue a project that they're passionate about. With support from Sterne, these personal projects can help grow skills, boost involvement with the school, and allow employees to make a difference, both at Sterne and in the larger educational community. 

The Strength and Leadership Program aims to: 

  • Allow time, support, and bandwidth for program participants to develop meaningful projects that give back to the school community. 
  • Grow leaders.
  • Improve teaching, learning, and operations at Sterne School through the expertise of these leaders. 
  • Retain high-quality teachers and staff. 
  • Reward teachers and staff with special opportunities and activities within this program.

Stay tuned to learn more about the employee projects that are being supported by this program.