Wellness & Support at Sterne

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In response to requests for wellness programming, Sterne launched a professional learning committee (PLC) last year called the Health and Wellness PLC, which is composed of teachers, admin, and staff. Now named, “The Joy Club”, this PLC is responsible for creating and implementing activities and experiences to support student and employee well-being at Sterne.

For their first workshop this year, The Joy Club wanted to provide something that would benefit both teachers and students. They soon became aware that a lower school parent runs her own health and wellness practice. Amy Naber, owner of BreatheSF, is a registered yoga teacher, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and much more.  

“From the first conversation we had with Amy, we knew it was a perfect fit! Not only is she a local business owner in the health and wellness space, but she’s already a part of our Sterne community (as a parent). 

Amy held two Chair Yoga Workshops for our faculty and staff during our November Professional Development Day.  She demonstrated and walked us through a series of stretches and yoga exercises that can be done while seated in a chair. This is incredibly valuable for teachers to use on their own AND as mindfulness exercises they can do with students in class. The response was overwhelmingly positive and you could see teachers/staff stretching in the hallways, in their offices/classrooms, and in the kitchen days after Amy’s workshop. Teachers have also already incorporated chair yoga into their classroom with students. As we’re trying to focus on non-digital mindfulness tools, pulling a few minutes from the chair yoga workshop has proven to be a valuable moment of pause (and stretch) with students. 

It’s obvious that teachers really appreciated what they learned and that this workshop was incredibly beneficial to our whole community. We look forward to collaborating with Amy on a student wellness workshop in the future.”

*You may recall last year’s Fund-A-Need was for Health & Wellness Programming at Sterne. These activities are funded by the generosity of our families who gave to this initiative.