Health & Wellness

Our students matter to us, as human beings.  We believe that emotional wellness goes hand-in-hand with physical health.  We understand that when students feel good — inside and out — they are more receptive to learning.

We also know that not all students approach health and wellness the same way.  Our P.E., Movement, and Athletics programs are designed to welcome students, at all levels of fitness and athleticism — whether that means competitive sports or Yoga.

Student social-emotional wellbeing and development is as important as academic development at Sterne. This begins with creating a positive classroom culture, alive with constructive discussion and debate.  We train our faculty and staff to embed conflict resolution, stress management, and inclusion practices into their curricula at all levels.  

For younger students, a full-time, Emotional Wellness Advisor is available to support all aspects of social-emotional health including navigating friendships, managing stress and anxiety, and working with parents to support children at home.