Meet Our Students

When we create an environment where we learn from everyone’s uniqueness, we free ourselves from the idea that there is only one “right way” to achieve our goals. This doesn’t only apply to academics. 

As a student at Sterne, whatever your interests, we encourage you to participate in any of the social or enrichment programs we offer: student-led clubs, athletics (at all levels, from club to varsity), fine and performing arts, community service, Homecoming and Prom, and even national and  international travel. We also welcome our students to bring their outside interests to school; we value the things that make you YOU. 

Sterne students are charismatic leaders, community organizers, artists, performers, and athletes.  Sterne families are engaged, invested, and excited to see our program continue to grow to meet the needs of our students.  We are a strong community, united in the belief that all students deserve to learn in an environment that recognizes and celebrates their strengths. Learn more about our students, in their own words.

Caroline, Lower School Class of '21
Jake, Lower School Class of '21
Mimi, Lower School Class of '23
Cece, Lower School Class of '22
Asnakech, Class of '22
Niko, Class of '21
Zoe, Class of '19
Ryan, Class of '21
Nia, Class of '20
Sam, Class of '20