Students and the World

A Sterne education isn’t contained within the classroom walls. Our academic calendar includes days and weeks devoted to national and international experiential trips, language immersion programs, and service learning opportunities. Our 12th-grade Passages Program places each student in an off-campus internship, college course, or job as part of their preparation for graduation.  

We also seize every opportunity to bring the world into Sterne. Performances by visiting artists, lectures by community leaders, Career Day, and alumni panels are just a few of the ways we invite students to learn about the many options that await them outside. Some examples of visits include

  • Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Magician Magical Nathaniel
  • Muralist Sirron Norris
  • Oakland-based New Orleans brass band MJ's Brass Boppers
  • Eat Bugs author Laura d'Asaro
  • Tree Frog Treks with hands-on science curriculum