Sterne Walkathon
Friday, May 25, 2018


  • Why we do it: Sterne students do a Walkathon every year to raise funds for Experiential Week. The more money we raise, the better programs Sterne can offer during this amazing, outside-the-classroom week.
  • How it works: Sterne thinks outside the box when it comes to Walkathon. We don’t run laps and get pledges per lap. Instead, we ask friends and family to sponsor us for fixed amounts, and then we have a big city walk, followed by prizes and celebration.
  • This year’s walk: A neighborhood scavenger hunt with fun and creative clues ranging all over North Beach, Chinatown, and the Financial District, with a rooftop lunch party after.
  • About getting sponsors: Gifts will be collected online; we’ll send you the link to share! The site goes live on Monday, May 7th 
  • Parent participation: We invite all parents and special friends to walk with the students, to provide drinks & desserts, and to set up and clean up our post-walk celebration. Watch your emails for a link to sign up.
  • Prizes! Again, thinking outside the box. The student who gets the highest number of sponsors IN EACH CLASS will win prizes that you can’t buy for any amount of money: